The Assessments Managers is responsible for provision of written examination arrangements for students with reasonable adjustments in conjunction with the Disability Service. It is the responsibility of Departments: First sits and first takes always take place at the first available opportunity. What is condoned failure? Your course may be assessed in a number of ways, including coursework and exams.

Important Forum Advisory Note. Continuing students, those registered on or before September , will still be able to withdraw from re-assessment in late summer, providing they notify the Assessments Team in writing by the required deadline. Applications which request non-standard adjustments will be referred to the Departmental Senior Tutor to recommend whether or not the requested assessment adjustments are academically necessary, the request and recommendation will then be considered by a panel before referral to the Pro-Warden to determine if they are reasonable and can be provided. Mine’s Creative Computing and not very popular so its smaller. A submission that does not even attempt to address the specified learning outcomes shall be deemed a non valid attempt and module must be re-sat. Disability or long term medical conditions may not normally be used as mitigation where adjustments are provided. The closest thing to ‘group work’ is probably just simple class sharing presentations..

The written assessment or written examination paper should normally be sat or submitted in Late Summer, unless attendance is required as for a practical element, such as teaching practice.

Module marks and assessment

These grades are purely related to academic performance. Continuing students, those registered on or before Septemberwill still be able to withdraw from re-assessment in late summer, providing they notify the Assessments Team in writing by the required deadline. You must submit the necessary evidence with your appeal form.

Where the module is not replaced with a suitable alternative, the mark awarded will be either that achieved up to the point of deregistration, weighted as applicable, gfade else zero.


Module marks and assessment – Academic Registry and Council Secretariat

Queen Mary has a code of practice for assessment and feedback which you can access at www. A submission that does not even attempt to address the specified learning outcomes shall be deemed a non valid attempt and unit must be re-sat. First sits and first takes always grase place at the first available opportunity.

You should clearly set out the reasons for the claim of bias kol, if possible, provide supporting evidence. The course materials are mailed to you once you done all the payments. Students registered within institutions of the University of London can apply to study modules outside their home institution, providing the programme regulations governing their degree programme allows them to do so.

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Examinations are held throughout the year, depending on your course. Students are required to use all permitted attempts courseeork retrieve failed modules All Students are permitted three attempts at an assessment ie the first attempt and two re-sits in the event of failure ; The format of the assessment for re-entries should be in the same format as the original assessment.

To be eligible for any award, a student must have made a valid attempt at all assessments; that is all elements of a module and all modules of a programme of study See section 2.

What’s the difference between a resit and a retake?

uol coursework grade

I’m in Creative Computing but most modules we take are same with the Computing and Information course. For first sits or first takes the module marks are not pegged and the module will count for the year in which you originally took it.

The extra reading is mostly for courseworks. Labs are just computer labs.

uol coursework grade

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your appeal at stage 1, you may request that it is referred to an Appeals Panel. A retake requires attendance at classes, completion of all elements of assessment for the module whether or not previously passed or not and payment of additional tuition fees on a pro rata basis. As above For Masters Degrees: Specific Grading Criteria Marking Criteria.


Programming can be quite intimidating if you don’t have the knack for it so better to start early. Some postgraduate programmes have a proceed to dissertation rule within their programme specifications which would not allow a stduent to take their dissertation if they have not passed all other modules.

Alsohow are the people like there?

The mark awarded for a re-taken assessment shall, unless there are extenuating circumstances deemed acceptable by the Board of Examiners, be subject to a penalty. Further details on the appeal process and matters relating to assessment can be found in the general regulation on appeals, which is contained in the appeal form aboveand the assessment regulations.

If you got no background in programming, I suggest you try out some simple java tutorials cpursework school starts. I haven’t seen any older generation in my cohort but I won’t coursweork surprised.

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The Departmental Officer signing the form must ensure that any amendments are permitted within the programme regulations. HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

Last minute rushing might cost you some marks. If you do not achieve the minimum requirements to pass then you will fail the module. Improve your memory for exams If exams are around the corner we look at tips to sharpen your brain and some apps to boost your memory. Your programme regulations will tell you when your exams will take place.