I want to continue to learn and to grow by being a reflective practitioner. In other words, have I created a positive and effective learning environment? This was a profound realization for me. I think the student engagement techniques textbook is one that I will always have and refer back to for ideas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Newer Post Older Post Home. And, have I developed a system to determine whether objectives have been met?

The value of having outcomes, material and assessment aligned. The biggest change that I have experienced in my career is the introduction of technology in patient communication, charting, x-ray technology, diagnostics, and treatment planning. Carl Rogers discovered that the most effective facilitators had a high level of regard for their learners The PIDP fit my schedule because I could continue to practice as a dental assistant while taking the required courses. Developing instructional strategies has influenced me as a professional: We did this exercise out of class and learned what a difference an environment can be on a learning setting.

Have I specified learning objectives?

I discovered that I can do this! I elected to take the PIDP to be a better trainer and developer in my current professional practice; it has exceeded my expectations, and I can see the value in what I have learned because I feel more confident as an instructor. The forums were a challenge for me because I felt that I did not have formal academic instructional experience, and most of my classmates were professional teachers already.

Capstone Project (PIDP 3270)

Newer Post Older Post Home. Media Enhanced Learning I did find this course difficult as I feel I have missed the technological bus. They are only valuable though if you listen to the student and make changes. Being organized and having clear explicit outcomes. I now do these for every class, I capsotne it gets me off on the right foot. Terminologies, methodologies and reading materials all seem so remote and foreign.


Jeff encouraged me to submit assignments ahead of time for pre-assessment so that I could learn from the strengths AND weaknesses of my projects, and make changes before final deadlines. What lessons caught my imagination?

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

Email required Address never made public. I must admit, it was rather weird to watch myself deliver instruction in the classroom, so reflecting on my lesson for assignment 3 took more time. By the end of the course, I discovered that the more I shared about myself in pivp of the class, and not reading from a script, the more engaged my learners were in my lesson!

Where have I taught in the past? Perhaps not knowing what exactly the outcome would be kept me engaged and stayed alert throughout this journey. I also want to be an effective educator.

PIDP Capstone Project | My Learning Journey

There weren’t any standardized models and approaches Proejct could rely on other than just my wealth of experience in the corporate world. So, I took a week off from work, booked a flight it was February, and there is no way that Pifp was going to tackle a mountain highway in my carfound a place to stay near a bus route, and enrolled in the week-long course. This site was designed with the.


pidp capstone project

I feel one of the best things about the courses are the reflection and being able to see that all the courses are overlapped, as is teaching. The guiding questions follow the ORID method:.

Dentistry has evolved in my career. Reflection on the lesson. There is so much more that I could have included. Mostly, I want to get students involved in the learning process.

pidp capstone project

I hope to continually take professional development courses to keep me progressing forward so that I am able to instruct adults with the latest technological changes and continue on my learning journey!! I appreciate this because I need to know if I am on the right track. To discover that templates exist to assist in designing a curriculum was extremely helpful.

My nervousness was apparent, my delivery was boring, I had memorized my lesson, and I was just talking about facts with no room for discussion and feedback. I felt an improvement in my day-to day instruction, and valued my time spent self-assessing.

pidp capstone project

The PIDP fit my schedule because I could continue to practice as a dental assistant while taking the required courses. Everything affects everything and this affects the student experience. I want my learners to trust me, and I want my items to reflect instruction. As I reread this reflection, and edit it for submission, I am stricken by an overwhelming feeling of realization.