Would you like to get a custom case study? Sociology of Gender and Sexuality. As Garcia, wrote in his research that prejudging is the unfair evaluation of people based on their stereotypical judgment of their group rather than the behavior and qualification of its individual members. Help Center Find new research papers in: The employee identified herself as a minority, feeling as if the Job offer was a negative due to her skin color and gender.

From all accounts, Gilman is sincere in assigning Beauport to the marketing research coordinator job. Communication and sharing is the best solution for any problem. Sad Justified assigning the role of market research coordinator to Rockwell because It gives her broader experience, and access to high profile work, which would enhance her career. She did not feel that this was the route to the top, little knowing that Gilman career had been boosted after occupying this position at Hy several years before. Conclusion Rochelle Beauport, Assistant brand manager, has perceived the steps of her boss.

There were a number of perceptual errors involved in this situation.

HY Dairies – Perceptual error in the workplace

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In context of case study, organization should have set a policy for promotion and transfer of other staffs. Another perceptual error was the vice president felt he communicated the promotion well to the employee, when in fact he was very vague in the Job offer. Furthermore, she had been told by her most recent employer prior to Hy Dairies that this was the case for most women.

Communication and sharing is the best solution for any problem. What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situations? Within this case study both stereotyping and social identity came into play.


HY Dairies – Perceptual error in the workplace

Awareness of perceptual biases reduces biases by making employees more mindful of their thoughts and actions. Stereotyping occurs when someone makes a generalization possibly offensiveoften simplified, that is used to describe a group.

Perceptual Errors According to Katz,Perception is achievement, not a process.

For employees who are being considered for advancement, it will allow for a clear plan to be laid out showing the logical progress to be followed in order to advance with the organization. Click to learn more https: In the studh study, Syd should create the working environment and should understand the emotions of other co-workers.

She wanted to collect her thoughts and reflect on what she had done wrong.

Dairies Case Study Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Beauport was preoccupied with several tasks that afternoon but was able to consider the day’s events that evening. In the case study, Rochelle stkdy that Syd discriminates her being a women and being a women of color. Rochelle thought being a women and women from minority group she was transferred to another department. Gilman could talk to other managers about the transfer to find out how others may react differently. Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here.

WHY Dairies should also minimize perceptual biases by increasing self-awareness; from this insight, employers have an enhanced understanding of biases in their decisions and behavior.

hy dairies case study answers

What other perceptual errors are apparent in this case study? Although Gilman feels that this is an opportunity that Beauport should feel very excited about, Beauport has a cas different perception of the situation.


hy dairies case study answers

Sad Justified assigning the role of market research coordinator to Rockwell because It gives her broader experience, and access to high profile work, which would enhance her career. Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods. Gilman had the misperception that because Beauport is in marketing, as he is, she would naturally want to follow a similar career path to his. The first impression is last impression and this perception has set on Rochelle, as she thought Syd and other top management people from the company are women discriminative.

Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors. Wtudy they can understand other and can narrate or relate with them it will increase the job performance. Beauport feels that this is happening due to the fact that she is both female and a member of a visible minority. Bayport views this new Job that could hurt her career.

Rochelle thought that because she was one of the few women of color in marketing management and xtudy the significant credit works of her she had been sidelined like she is no longer important to brand management. Special Education and Learning Difficulties.

Beauport should also make sure that when speaking with him regarding this position she communicates to Gilman what her career objectives are. Analyze and discuss the case first.

hy dairies case study answers