Everything else mostly A’s with a few b’s. I don’t think it plays a major role either considering all the other things they ask for, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have a good gpa. They also, of course, look at one academic and one non-academic reference letter, and three essay questions. Elprup, do you mind sharing your stats? I definitely think they look at GPA May 27, by nursefuture.

What I found was that, yes they want you to have good grades, but also to be a strong person and by my managing so much on my plate and succeeding, i got sole custody of my kids , it made my lower grades better. They only allow half a page for each question. It aspergers essay topics should not be. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Well I will keep a look out for the application. I still am waiting to hear Let me know about any questions you have.

I was hoping you could give me some information regarding when you were informed about being awarded the scholarship.

I will definitely be applying for this scholarship. Good luck, and do not quit trying.


Hrsa nursing scholarship Essay Questions

I do realize if I get the scholarship it will only cover for next summer and on, so I will have to pull out loans for the Fall and Spring. Sign in with Facebook. Good Luck to everyone!

hrsa nursing scholarship essay questions

I got 2 c’s, one in biology and 1 in physiology. Hrsa nursing scholarship essays. Tell us all about it. I definitely think they look at GPA Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

hrsa nursing scholarship essay questions

It was a tough year for me back then, I could not scholqrship I made it I’ll let you know either way Hello Everyone, I am also interested in applying for this scholarship! If you don’t have volunteer work serving the underserved, get some ASAP. Cupcakes works as a Registered Nurse.

If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. Congrats for getting your application done!

HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application – Pre-Nursing Students – allnurses

Recently Browsing 0 nuring No registered users viewing this page. Sign in with LinkedIn. When you write your essay, be sure to mention your commitment to serving the underserved, play up all of your accomplishments in school, extra-curricular activities, etc.


The Research newspaper design essays may be submitted between When did they inform you that you won the scholarship.

This scholarship will be a true blessing and would help me out tremendously: Jan 22, by JeffC. I guess we’ll have to see Some scholarships require a commitment to. Elprup, do you mind sharing your stats? Report examines the role of psychology and psychologists in end-of-life decisions and quality of care issues.

Hrsa nursing scholarship essays

I also have a 0 efc and a 3. Open An Account To Comment. Nov 27, by jtboog Who is attending NTI? Like what was your GPA when you applied??

hrsa nursing scholarship essay questions

May 27, by nursefuture. Or sign in with one of these services.