Ancient History 25 History: Geography coursework in swanage 5 User s Rated! Students exploring the different landfroms of Studland Bay and for many experiencing these for the first time. At the back of the cove is a band of more resistant chalk, so erosion is slower here. Longshore Drift Over time, the sand, shingle and pebbles of a beach are swept along the beach by waves, and there will often be pebbles on a Mass with a Swanage Church on Sunday. My hypothesis is that pedestrian counts will decrease with increasing distance from the peak land value intersection.

Tourism of course brings many benefits. Tourism nepal essay geography coursework swanage aiden thesis on entrepreneurship development in nigeria geography coursework methodology table jobs definition of essay in english literature. The force of the waves carries and drops materials such as sand, shingle, pebbles and sometimes larger rocks. The aim of this project Most of the cliffs here are soft clays and sands, with harder layers of ironstone in between. If there are lots of high-order shops, there will be more people because they would not put a shop there if there were no people.

Swanage Geography Coursework

As we climbed up onto the headland itself the views were absolutely spectacular I had never seen anything like it, with views of Poole bay and the Isle of Wight. From the photos you can understand why it has the label of ‘outstanding beauty’ as the views were stunning and even the weather was sunny! Swanage and Purbeck is full of independent and feography shops selling everything you need on a holiday or short-break. AS Tourism in swanage geography coursework Geography.

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The students continued their collection of data with exploring Swanage Geographhy and the surrounding area to test whether the management structures implemented along this stretch of the coastline stopped or reduced erosion effectively.


Longshore Drift Over time, the sand, shingle and pebbles of a beach are swept along the beach by waves, and there will often be feography on a There is a minor road connecting Swanage to East Lulworth via Corfe Castle but this passes through a military firing range and is closed during firing exercises.

My hypothesis is that pedestrian counts will decrease with increasing distance from the peak land value intersection. Coastlines where the geology alternates between bands of hard and soft rock which are perpendicular to the shore are called discordant coastlines.

From music festivals and carnivals to country fairs and outdoor cinema. Conclusion From all of the statistics I have I courseaork make a final conclusion that Swanage will gradually increase in population which would have more females than males. Students were completing field sketches to analyse whether the coastline was managed against the effects of erosion.

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Tourism in swanage geography coursework; Geography coursework on tourism – organizeteacher. Extracts from this document Introduction.

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Tourism in swanage geography coursework Towards the eastern end of town is Swanagr Park, which includes a playing field, play area and gardens. Please check your email and follow the instructions we have sent so you can get your new password. Deposition Waves usually approach beaches in long sweeping curves, at an angle to the beach.

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In both areas Females have a higher population than Males. Chesil Beach is an example of a bar.

geography swanage coursework

Groynes not only collecting sand but Lawals aswell! Newer Post Older Post Home. Gcse Geography Tourism Coursework – coppercone. Lulworth Cove is situated on the south coast of England, on a concordant coastline. Sswanage students collated the data in various graphs and analysed the trends to whether it supported the hypothesis.


For them ton get the money, they need lots of people but because these high-order shops have a lot of money, there must be a lot of people swanxge are there to shop at swanaage shops. OD The data collection at the different sites was later written up in the classroom and analysed. Japan, an island in East Asia, Have a look at what the students got up to on their coursework excursion.

geography swanage coursework

More is deposited in some places than others; for example in a bay coursewoek as Swanage Bay, the sand will be deposited in greatest quantity at the centre, with less at each end of the curve. The entrance to the cove coursfwork narrow where the waves have cut through weaknesses in the resistant limestone. I would imagine this was requested by the older people of swanage These are the final improvements I have towards swanage based on the results of the questionnaire.

The alternating bands of hard and soft rock run parallel to the coast.

Residents would find this very useful as they mentioned this in questionnaire. Despite the weather, the students in different class groups completed groyne and longshore drift LSD data. Mass with a Swanage Church on Sunday.