With fully carpeted floors, furniture of latest designs, computers on every desk, and a room dedicated to screens showing CCTV camera live screening of the Metro Bus Belt, the office was far from a quintessential government office of Lahore in its outlook. Islamabad is not a dead city. And the next day, while they were having breakfast, the officials arrived and the demolition process immediately started. The buses are air conditioned and the seats were very few, all lined up at the edges, reserving the center for people to stand up. It was through our interviews that we understood that the themes of land, procedural gaps during project execution, division within the affected population were all important to be further researched into and understood. Thus, the institutions involved in the construction of MBP and the people whose lands were acquired the affected population form the third and the fourth theme of this paper respectively. Even after the launch of the metro bus service, the issues regarding the drainage of rainwater still remained unfinished resulting in the inundation of the underground bus stations during monsoon rains.

He related to us how the entire process was unfair and most people never got the compensation promised by the state. The problem is with a phenomenon, an attitude, a thinking style which is called “pindi boys”. Hence, according to the 3 officials, market value of the land judged through registrations is the prime consideration in the process of determination of compensation by the Board of Revenue. With fully carpeted floors, furniture of latest designs, computers on every desk, and a room dedicated to screens showing CCTV camera live screening of the Metro Bus Belt, the office was far from a quintessential government office of Lahore in its outlook. Procedural Gaps Allowing Speedy Execution: The Pratice of Social Research Twelve ed.

The Collector may also require any such person to make or deliver to, at a time and place mentioned such time not being earlier than fifteen days after the date of the requisitiona statement containing, do far as prject be practicable, in the name of every other person possessing any interest in the land or any part thereof. The project will demonstrate least effort and quick moving method for open.


By exploring these four themes the paper aims to answer three broad questions: As the writer observes it also has provided easier access for Pindites to visit Islamabad.

Before the arrival of every station the recording of a woman is played informing bbus passengers about the name of the station. Some shop proprietors whose shops are destructed and now they remade. Second, a fair process by which stakeholders are notified of the acquisition and are given a chance to voice their views must be followed.

Just because some people want fun they are affecting us in the way we never wanted!

Transport Investment And Economic Developmment. International journal of business and Management. And so we were able to carry out our first focus group discussion, standing on the road, outside the mosque.

The field work gives us. The major ones include: It has its style and organization and I don’t see any wrong in closing shops by midnight – the night is for sleeping and the city is full of Govt offices. You have to reside here to actually understand how the city works is social life ezsay it is lively.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

Humayun- President of Ichhra Association. They then send a request to LAC.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

The point of this review is to investigate or explore the apparent financial and social impacts. Islamabad is city of elite class average house cost is over 1 crore so people living in house of worth 1 crore will not ride on metro. The first category analyses the mega-projects as a manifestation of the neo-liberalizing landscape of state.

Effects and consequences of infrastructural facilities on the lives of Lahore’s People

But it also has some negative. However, in the problem surfaced again, raising question buz on long term losses and financial burden of under utilized project.


However, he himself acknowledged that ordinary people do not read the gazette. Executive District Officer Revenueor some officer authorised by the Executive District Officer Revenue in this behalf, shall direct the Collector to take order for the acquisition of the land. We chose to enter one at random and asked the first person we saw for the office from where we could get information about MBP.

We had to research a lot and make many calls to almost everyone we thought might help us gain access to get contacts in each of the office.

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The Jurisdiction of Various Institutions within Lahore: Government is basically putting in 55 Rupees per ticket as subsidy. In implementing these designs, the state often discards the local realities, altering completely the informal landscape of the thriving social processes on ground Scott6. Waseem47, a land acquisition 47 However, some of government officials we talked to said that the actual cost was more than double that amount. Picture 2 in appendix 1 shows the division of the Ferozpur Road into areas within and outside of the fences outlining the Metro Bus Belt.

Question raised on purchase of low quality material.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

Or if they were given a formal one, they were hardly given days to evacuate their spaces In search of more informants, we went to Qartaba Chowk and talked to the person standing outside a mosque under construction if he could tell us about the mosque and luckily he was the person who had given his land as waqf trust for the construction of the mosque.

The testimony of the affectees, however, was quite different. The Determination of the Land Compensation: