He stated that the Government of Vietnam and the NFL cannot build national English capacity alone and feels there is a need for international investment and cooperation, coordination and initiatives among different sectors, and an increase in the number of FL centers, schools, evening classes, and programs to meet the variety of English learning needs that national, regional, and international opportunities present. This was supported by Martin , who argued that the national education system did more good for English than it did for Malay. Students adopted a more balanced stance. Nonetheless, if we indonesian at scorecard, what is on the paper such as policies, laws and indonesians, Cambodia is likely ready. The solution does not only focus on economic reform but also to improve political stability to run healthier. The emerging, regionally competitive workplace will require important changes to the quality of and accessibility to educational opportunities so that all can realize benefits.

Myanmar joined this initiative in Building 21st Century Teaching Capacity: A new variety in a multilingual society. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Its goal points tuberculosis essay papers actions that will enhance security in each of the ASEAN member states. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 16 3 ,

The institutional and legal challenges. The objective of ASEAN mutual recognition arrangement on medical practitioners are facilitating mobility of medical practitioners, exchanging information, enhancing cooperation, promoting best practice on standards and qualification, as well as providing capacity development and training of medical practitioners.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

Since its inception, the NFL has been addressing a number of major challenges, including: Subsequently, a more consolidated, long-term professional training and development programme for English language teaching staff could be mounted for greater sustained impact. What policies help or hinder the effective work of the RFLCs?

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

Regional community also provide an opportunity to address specific health problems together. Dramatic steps must be taken to ensure plausible goals. These include introducing English from Grade 4 and writing new English language textbooks. University of Leicester, UK. Perhaps as many as four hundred thousand were killed outright as enemies of the revolutions.


As a corporate example, the Aaec telecommunications company, Viettel, is moving regionally into Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, and internationally into Africa and South America. The second issue is concerned with the impact of international support for foreign language education.

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But a diplomatic breakdown between Malaysia and Brunei left Brunei with no choice but to send its students, teachers, and officers to British universities.

The four major purposes of the ETCF are: To accomplish an optimal treatment, doctors must ensure that patients have the same perception about their disease and treatment plan.

essay indonesian social culture for aec (asean economic community) 2015

The smallest district by population, Temburong District, is separated from the capital Bandar Seri Begawan by the Malaysian town Limbang. Accordingly, the inequities between urban and rural health care become indpnesian apparent. Her primary involvements with the national project have been to assist in the development of regional foreign language centers; disseminate the use of the English Teacher Competencies Framework; and stimulate national English teacher development, assessment capacity, and action research capacity.

Disparities persist in the range of national income levels and access to technology, urban and rural inequalities, and gender gaps in some countries and regions within indojesian.

ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 Essay

These amendments are expected to fortify CMIM as the region’s financial safety net in master thesis campylobacter event of any potential or indonesian difficulty. English language spread in Cambodia.

Language, power and ideology in Brunei Darussalam. Additionally, in order to reach this objective, eseay needs the entire new member states have higher economic growth and sign for agreement on trade.



According to Nortonpara. It exhibits national, govern- mental, policy-level, institutional, administrative, financial, and human resource-building initiatives. In this issue, Indonesia should know the economic actors who will compete at the AEC There are many government institutions, nongovernmental agencies, and donor organisations that have contributed to the development in the region over the years. In order to realize the AEC inall ASEAN countries should liberalize trade in free movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and freer flow of capital, as listed in the AEC blueprint.

Her professional interests include materials development, academic journal editing and management, and supporting under- represented local authors. Mony Som conducted the interviews, as it was anticipated that if the current ELF and co-author Andrew Tweed had done the interviews, the responses may have been biased by his presence.

A multimodal construction and analysis of animated digital stories. This requirement is particularly challenging for some ASEAN Member States where talented English- speaking government officials are in short supply due to limited capacity, or a limited history of international experience or communication with officials who use English as a medium of communication in international contexts.

Thus, it means that Cambodia meets all of the policy and regulatory requirements. How does it affect the amount of English used in classrooms? Perhaps due to political tensions in the country over the next several years Chandler,there were no ELFs based there until Second language teacher education: