You do not have to submit them. E-mail Back to log-in. Just because something is the way it is does not mean that we should merely accept it. For many throughout the history of humanity, it has been thought that if something was happening a specific way that this was the way that it ought to be. Skilled manipulators know how to use specific sentence introductions in order to make it sound like their positions are the most rational and scientifically proven positions on the issues.

Question 2 Critical Thinking. All you need to do is examine the structure of the U. Published on February Categories: Here are some examples. Always remind yourself of the facts. Explain the concept of intellectual standards for thinking. Critical Thinking and Critical Pedagogy.

Unit Lesson This lecture continues with the discussion of rhetorical devices. Whenever thinkinb person tries to humiliate another person, usually while not responding at all to the situation at hand, this person is ridiculing another.

We just need to be aware of when rhetorical devices are being used and apply our critical thinking skills to assess arguments on their rational merits. In your view, are grades necessary or unnecessary for self-assessment?

It is usually difficult for surrogate users to thiinking the evidence that they indicate is so prevalent. However, this does not mean rhetorical devices are necessarily bad or that arguments made using rhetorical devices are always wrong.

critical thinking phl 1010

Hyperbole is an entertaining rhetorical ceitical, and humans have a lot of fun playing around with meanings and expressing themselves through it. Downplayers A downplayer is a word that is inserted in a sentence that undermines something that is being discussed.


Unit 5 Assessment PHL 1010 Critical Thinking

All you need to do is examine the structure of the U. Just because something is the way it is does not mean that we should merely accept it. If you have questions contact your instructor for further guidance and information. What people really mean by the statement is that the occurrence is something that is uncontrollable. Please enter your email address.

Another example from our current political climate is the continual claims about Barak Obama being a socialist. Provide an example from your own experience to support your position.

Unit 5 Assessment PHL Critical Thinking –

Answer questions about the elements of thought assumptions, problems, point of view, etc. Develop strategies for self-assessment.

critical thinking phl 1010

What do they mean by this? Aim for personal perfection. Proof Surrogate A proof surrogate is the use of language that implies that there is proof for a claim that you are making without actually giving examples of the proof. What Hume is saying here is that there is no relationship between the way that things are and the way that they ought to be. If you analyze this statement for meaning, it is a tautology. You are just an intern. Always remind yourself of the facts.

Criical could be that they found out that a loved one has cancer or that their lover has decided to leave pl. It is easy to see why this method is so effective. In this way, the thinker is able to recognize those things that you can change and not settle for the idea that the way things are is the way they ought to be.


Therefore, I need to criticsl how to deal with it. However, it is always good to remind ourselves of the facts in a situation where someone is using hyperbole to influence others negatively or in such a way that the person believes that the hyperbole actually expresses what you are going through. Perhaps you have heard some of the following:.

critical thinking phl 1010

Apply analytical reasoning to a variety of disciplines. This rhetorical technique is common practice for both young and old. Retrieved from Opposing Viewpoints in Context database. Using general terms to describe our situations will not allow us to see with the insight necessary to understand what is actually going on criticxl our lives and the steps that we thnking take to change those situations.

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