But because these depreciation schedules are sometimes changed, an example of an inaccurate accounting frame of reference would be one that uses an outdated depreciation schedule. And some economic subject matter, such as macroeconomics, almost by definition has a significant historical dimension to it. Then ask yourself if you understand what Smith is talking about and whether he has succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of that chapter. And sometimes as the biographies of Amartya Sen and George Akerlof above demonstrate they are not enough if we are want good answers to our economic questions. It turns out that there is considerable disagreement about the details of what capitalism and socialism are, and the solution to that disagreement is itself a normative issue:

Minimum wage laws are the result of labor unions interested in protecting their position by driving up the cost of hiring non-union labor. Marginal thinking solves the dilemma. But this long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. You may, perhaps, come from a family that encourages getting as much education as possible or that places a great emphasis on increasing your income. This list is based on the writings of Richard Paul see, for example, Paul and Vincent Ruggiero see Ruggiero Normative questions deal with figuring out what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable, or should or should not be done. Now your analysis gets more difficult.

This problem can be solved by separating your positive arguments from your normative arguments, putting those positive arguments first, and breaking the entire work into distinct sections separated by headings. And in business, the team approach is now a time-honored method for developing strategies to solve problems thinkking exploit new opportunities.

Chapter 1 Fundamentals 23 24 Chapter 1 Fundamentals 4. You may have the key that helps a fellow student, or you may be the one having problems thinking the issue out. Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

Choose an opinion column from each of the following sources that focuses on an economic issue, read the article, and follow the directions that follow. This econojics gives you the opportunity to practice thinoing in a relatively simple case discussion. Given the importance to economics of such things as human behavior, preferences, and assessment of risk, psychology has a lot to offer economists in making sense of economic questions.


In international business, for example, this is often of great importance. It may be useful to keep a short list of economic principles and concepts that you have learned and ask yourself while reading the case whether any of those concepts can be applied to the material you are reading.

Critical Thinking in Economics

To get the most out of the in-class case discussion, you should read all the material beforehand. Critical economic thinking is all about being aware of how you go about answering such questions so that you can make the best choice possible. Describe lyeden, and determine what their motivations and perspectives are.

In economics much of that process takes place through reading. To accomplish this job, the first step is to represent the facts of the situation. These problems, however, are not insurmountable.

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

Instead, it is awarded to individuals who ask and answer penetrating and profound economic questions that change the way those who follow see the world. In recent years he has spent considerable time abroad in Europe and Asia representing UNCG and honing his critical thinking, writing, and teaching skills, and currently serves on the board of editors critial the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Greta Tayshunn, the President of Itzaphour University. And why is it reasonable to use it? The Dow-Jones Industrial Average rose last year. This exercise gives you the chance to think a little deeper about some of those economic norms and the conflicts that can sometimes arise in applying them.

See other items More This newspaper also has a left of center editorial policy but not as much as The Guardian.


Critical Thinking in Economics

But you may want to search out others as well — professionals in the subject area who have more experience sorting htinking valid versus bogus information. Where is it located? Like non-quantitative economic thinking, economic data can be facts, reasoned judgments, or tastes. As a result, this too is a positive statement whose truth is currently unknown.

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But sometimes it takes a bit more detective work. Penn Dadors, Director of Admissions — Mr.

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

Now that you have a sense of where Smith is going with Book I, Chapter 1, figure out who Smith was and who he thinks you, his reader, is. If this answer is the same as your initial opinion, why were you not persuaded by the source s that argued for the opposite answer?

Two examples of a process view of fairness are the conflicting views that businesses have a right to refuse to sell to potential customers, and that customers have a right to buy any product that is for sale if they are willing to pay the price.

If the main point described in 3 above is already a positive statement, simply state that here. But if we are interested in figuring out not what would be in an ideal world the best policy in the face of a recession, but rather the best policy that is politically feasible and therefore the best policy that the Congress would likely support, a political frame of reference is crucial.

But with that protection, library users became relatively passive and often did not think critically about whether the information they were encountering was accurate or reliable.