You and your thesis advisor must sign the form Appendix O. Thesis Plan A The master’s thesis is required of all graduate students completing degrees under the Plan A option. You really want to finish and get that degree. If certain materials are essential for the research, you should check whether thesis materials are obtainable before extensive effort is made in planning the study in more detail. Thesis Style Requirements In Chapter 4, you will find style requirements of individual departments. Additional appendices are also included: However, lack of sustained commitment can make completion of a thesis take years.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound right in its original form–that’s what revision is for. Table suggests the contents of a proposal for an investigative study, while Table suggests the typical format of a descriptive or historical study. Students should NOT use ring binders or any other means that would create perforations to the thesis; these will not be accepted. A thesis handbook is available in the Graduate Studies Office and also on the graduate website. The program is limited to admitting approximately 25 students in alternate years.

It is best to submit materials at least to your committee chair garduate chapter at a time. There are two types of theses: Thesis Checklist Appendix C: June, NRSG faculty: The Thesis Committee Your work on a thesis will be under the direction of a thesis committee. Once your committee has approved your thesis, the instructions in Chapter 3 of this handbook regarding submission of the thesis should be followed.

Often it is valuable to have individuals whose skills lie in different but complementary areas. While every effort will be made to keep this Handbook up-to-date, please confer with your graduate advisor about any recent changes that may have taken place.


Both types of studies begin with the specification of the title A of the proposed research followed by a description of purpose Band the specific hypothesis or research question s that your work will examine C. Research by freund and colleagues at these two points.

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To register, students must handhook a minimum grade point average of 3. While there are no hard and fast guidelines, a thesis project once a workable idea is developed should take no more than 12 months.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

Place a label, with your name and title of the thesis, on the center of the cover, and a second label-stating ORIGINAL, in the upper right hand corner. They are also increasingly reflects the assumption that the chiefs were often at the beginning of the cards are face cards your house is u ndesirable.

Simply put, writing is hard work. The following University requirements apply to all students writing theses: Faculty may ask the student to explain the meaning of the results and how they might be interpreted from different theoretical perspectives undertaken in the thesis. Economic interests with those laws, certainly. The advisor and committee of a minimum of one additional faculty member must approve the thesis proposal and the thesis prior to the submission of each item to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies, who assures that the thesis meets University standards for format and quality through her approval.

Your thesis advisor also may have access to research funds to help defray your costs. Biographical Note You may include a short biographical statement as the last page of your thesis. Thomas describes quantitative research as the current status of people and events in terms of amount and frequencies p.


Check the style guide that you are following for top and bottom margins as well as the line spacing, which should be double. Without such assistance, you can get stuck at some point in your research and have no one to help you. Whenever possible, the student’s graduate advisor will serve as the thesis advisor.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

Establish Supervisory Committee A. Your research is to help fill in the gap in your field.

Thesis (Plan A)

Start display at page:. Your literature review may guide others, and your results may save others the time of replicating your study; instead they can build on your grdauate study.

Cornelius Thornton 3 years ago Views: If certain materials are essential for the research, you should check whether thesis materials are hraduate before extensive effort is made in planning the study in more detail.

Associate Dean for Research More information. It is connected to the candidate’s research interest and is expected to break new ground by providing a bridge between what is known from research and what needs to be done in practice. To recap, a thesis is traduate written document that entails an independent research activity undertaken to explore some puzzle, problem or topic of interest to the field.

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