Thanks for making this year great CCMS! Close Kindness Rocks Kindness rocks were spread throughout the community as a reminder and pick-me-up for people that find them Resources Ambassador Application Once they got to that room, they answered a Pi Day trivia question. Waite’s 6th grade class applied their knowledge of fractions divided by fractions with an engaging hands on activity.

One student asked how to return a fitbit they found to the owner. Unit 1 Quiz 1 John Hildebrand. Vocabulary Lesson 23 Words Melanie Henderson. This exploratory class allows students the opportunity to dig deep into the CTE paths, so that when they attend high school the students are ready to take coursework, both in the core areas and CTE to prepare for college careers. Cold Text Questions Tips From The School Nurse:

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Owen Middle Clyde A. Kids had a chance to ask Uomework a variety of questions that came to them throughout the discussion. Vocabulary Lesson 24 Wks Melanie Henderson. Students are eagerly awaiting replies so they can continue their correspondence with the hard-working military men and women.

Summer Mathematics Workbooks

We dined on food items represented in The Fourteenth Goldfishengaged in activities as themes of the book, and gave away prizes for participation! Families participating were entered into drawings to recognize their efforts for engaging in learning beyond the school homewor. Call the officeor 3.

Students are taught skills like collaboration, communication, teamwork, and attentive listening. What math formula uses Pi?

Shiva spoke to the kids about the importance of problem solving, hard work, and looking for multiple solutions to challenges. Gamble’s experiences with things they are studying in the classroom and Black History Month.


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At CCMS we do this by engaging students in academic sessions instructed by the counselor and followed up throughout the year in advisory classes. Students designed and constructed these devices and some were able to xcms an egg from the second floor! It was an awesome experience which continues to enrich my life and my classroom.

ccms summer homework

Close Black History Month Guest speaker, Rosemary Gamble, spoke to the students about her personal experiences growing up in the South, participating in the historic March on Washington, hearing Dr. Unit 1 Quiz 1 John Hildebrand. I have surpassed anything that my parents could have ever dreamed could have happened. Several students, families, community members, and organizations came together to celebrate diversity and cultures. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Follow these steps so that hojework child will be excused from their absence. At the end, kids who attended had a chance to reflect on what they learned and gave feedback. Follow us on Twitter! Students had to follow specific instructions to qualify for the challenge. Students from 7 classes had the opportunity to connect Ms. We will not bully others We will try to help students who are bullied We will try to include students who are left out If we know that someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and at home Bullying Consequences: Owen High Clyde A.


ccms summer homework

This exploratory class allows students the opportunity to dig deep into the CTE nomework, so that when they attend high school the students are ready to take coursework, both in the ccsm areas and CTE to prepare for college careers. When asked what she would like the kids to remember from her visit, she responded, “I would like for you all to remember, number one, we all bleed red, we all hurt, we all hopefully have happiness, but do not let anyone or anything define you.

Close Academic Planning Students set goals, monitor progress, and prepare for high school and beyond Amy Word Vice Principal: Charles Kaiser, Astronomy Teacher.

Close Pi Day at CCMS Once teams had ran all over the school summsr visited 10 rooms, they stopped their time by reporting back to the homewoek.

What famous person has a birthday on Pi Day? Close Astronomy Students Solve Complex Problems Students designed and constructed landing devices and some were able to land an egg from the second floor!

Call after hours to leave a message on our answering machine. It was a great night with lots of fun had by adults, students, and teachers!

ccms summer homework

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