The conditions stipulated are as follows: For example, if Adidas were to obtain permission to retail its flagship brand in India, those retail outlets could only sell products under the Adidas brand and not the Reebok brand, for which separate permission is required. Organized retailers require substantial space for opening stores. Retail is the second largest industry in US. Furthermore, if there is some substance in the threat, government had taken adequate measures to protect unorganized retailers. Primary data are collected by observation method, interview and questionnaire.

Cutting down intermediaries which in turn will provide direct benefit to farmers. Opening the retailing sector to FDI means dislocating millions from their occupation, and pushing a lot of families under the poverty line. FDI would probably lead to a more comprehensive integration of India into the worldwide market. What are the impacts of e-commerce in Indian economy? Real estate in India can refurbish and receive more investment due to the opening of high-end retail malls with the opening up of FDI in multi brand retail.

However, in spite of the recent developments in retailing and its immense contribution to the economy, retailing continues to be the least evolved industries and the growth of organized retailing in India has been much slower as fei to rest of the world.

There are two types of FDI: Moreover, the critics of the move neglect the impact on consumers who will ultimately respond to the incentives of convenience, price, variety and service.

FDI in Retail – Pros & Cons

Global retailers might resort predatory pricing. The concept of traditional small unorganized retail is now transforming into huge organized retail formats such as Hypermarket, Supermarket, Convenience store etc. The new policy undian allow multi-brand foreign retailers to set up shop only in cities with a population of more than 10 lakhs as per the census.


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FDI will encourage the investment and employment in supply chain management. Help Center Find new research papers in: Is ztudy a boon or bane? The Indian retail sector as one of the largest [5th largest Gupta ] and fastest growing sector in the world is now wearing new clothes.

Now India is witnessing significant transformation in its retail sector.

Small retailers will evolve with additional product lines and brands, better display, renovation of the stores, introduction of self services, enhanced home delivery etc. They were of the view that it is a false because the foreign big retail will try to depend on their people for business. In simple words, FDI stuey to capital inflows from abroad that is invested in or to enhance the production capacity of the economy.

case study on fdi in indian retails- boon or bane

As compared to foreign retailers having access to international funds at lower interest rates, the Indian small retailers suffering from high lending rates may not be able to compete with them in maintaining lower prices and will be wiped out. Entry of large low cost retailers and adoption of integrated supply chain management is likely to lower the price of commodities.

Enter dase email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. However, in Thailand, after the entry of foreign retailers, number of domestic retailers reduced by 60percent. In Indian case, domestic organized retail chains like Future Group and Reliance have not affected the unorganized retailers.


case study on fdi in indian retails- boon or bane

This means that majority were of the view that Indian consumers will get lot of opportunities in terms of purchasing the products. The Hindu — Online at http: Promotion of linkage of local suppliers, farmers and manufacturers will ensure a reliable and bon market to local players.

After allowing FDI in retail, these countries have experienced tremendous growth in the agro processing industry, refrigeration technology and infrastructure. The compliance of this condition will be ensured through self-certification by the company, to be subsequently checked, by statutory auditors, from the duly certified accounts, which the company will be required to maintain.

Prime Minister of India in his address to the nation called the decision as a need of the economy.

This means that they were bpon the fear of the foreign trade and were of the view that it can repeat the history where East India Company came to India in the past and captured India through the business.

Middle man does not have any place in this format of retailing.

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Moreover, in China, betweennumber of unorganized retailers increased from 1. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic: Vdi is the present policy of FDI in retail in India? Indian retail industry is one of the sunrise sectors with huge growth potential.

case study on fdi in indian retails- boon or bane

As a country progresses, its retail sector akin to all other sectors has to modernize too.