We want to keep this secure from people other than clients and employees. The quantity of a component installed on a piece of equipment. A client can view only the unresolved requests for that client. Published on Nov View Download 0. The ending time for a work record. So it would be employees only.

You know, some of the support systems I work with for software that we use e-mail me a suggested fix. This is less frequent, but sometimes we need to change the list of standard equipment types. Typical Course Of Events: Equipment is made up of its components. In some ways it will be simpler than the components. The person at the clients office reporting a service request.

Case study CTTS milestone 09 application architecture

Cttw password used to verify a user name. Modeling System Requirements Peter: So If I view unresolved requests, the system shows me a list depending on who am I.

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Typical Course Of Events: Milestone 2 Solution Prepared by Gary B. Foreign key is a relational database concept that is not used in object-oriented analysis. I’m wondering if that could work.

A complete history of all the work done on a service request can also be viewed. Class diagrams should not include foreign key mioestone.


Case Study CTTS – Milestone 07 Object Analysis Solution

That means the inventory check-in will also have to be part of the system. Well, not entirely freeform.

case study ctts - milestone 03

Some components are an entire computer or printer because they are purchased as a unit. A Case Study in Archit If the user does not have the right to mark a request as resolved. In some ways it will be simpler than the components. The description of a work record. We have crts to focus stuxy on the use cases that will be most used.

The date a component was removed from a piece of equipment The IP address of a piece of equipment on a client network. But maybe that’s just me. Actor Action System Response Step 1: May be related to a specific piece of equipment. Do you both agree?

case study ctts - milestone 03

The date of a work record. A description of the service request problem.

Adding a new component to a piece of equipment. Or sometimes we know that an issue is resolved as soon as we put in the work record. We also need to track hardware components installed in a client’s equipment and software configuration information. Modeling System Requirements Page Assignment Now that we have studied the current system and analyzed some of its problems and opportunities, plus gained approval to proceed, we can now start to identify the business requirements for the system and model them.


The techs will just enter the configuration information. That’s a good idea, Dane. But the clock on automatic resolution only starts ticking after we have responded somehow — sent an e-mail, done some work, whatever. This use case describes the event of entering a new client.

If there are no unresolved requests to display, the system will display an appropriate message.

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Published on Nov View Download 0. Need to determine whether or not a client can mark a request as resolved.

I can click on any one of those requests either to see the history or to mark it as resolved.