Who are the interviewers? It is all about the reflection which brings me to my next point: If you meet all the criteria, they will review your PS and rate it on the non-academic entry requirements. You will need to purchase a stethoscope. Find a different leadership role. I met quite a few of you during the offer holders open days with the BM6 one tomorrow. I don’t know whether I should or not

You have chosen wisely. Expect — Why medicine? Non-academic entry requirements In addition to academic entry requirements, you will be assessed against our non academic criteria. Applied Science is not accepted. As a medical student, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities for multi-professional learning, which will be essential as you prepare to join the healthcare teams of the future.

GSep 28, This can follow the same sort of reflection as work experience.

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A minimum of five GCSEs at grades C or above, including mathematics, English language and double statementt science or equivalent.

Whether you choose to be a physician or a surgeon, a general practitioner or a clinical scientist, or you follow any other path, our degrees represent the first stage in a rewarding career as a doctor. As a medical student, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities for multi-professional learning, which will be essential as you prepare to join the healthcare teams of the future.


GOct 6, Mosby Elsevier ; A range of learning and web-based resources are also available to support you in your academic work.

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Student selected units in medical humanities and public health interventions Research module to prepare you for your year 3 research project. Enjoy your summer and do nothing. Provisional registration is time limited to a maximum of three years and 30 days days in total. GNov 11, My grades BBB are A levels. Sorry about the late ststement – My reasons are very genuine.

Scores from Selection Day compiled and offers made.

Where can I practice? Everyone will have shadowed a surgeon, a doctor, a vet. This is vital to all medicine statemnt and seems obvious, however in my class many people got turned down who had not quite made the requirements of CCC.

The uni send out invites via email.

bm6 personal statement

Students undertake a variety of assessments throughout the programmes – methods include in-course assignments; multiple choice papers; one-best answer papers; problem solving and short notes papers; spotters; clinical attachment assessments plus clinical examinations including Assessments of Clinical Competence ACC and OSCEs Objective Structured Clinical Examinations. This is payable on induction only cost at September Clinical Placements From the very start of your course, we relate your learning to future practice.

Academic and administrative staff are also available to assist students with day to day issues. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.


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You may offer qualifications which are equivalent to GCSE. That stolen with permission tells you that they spent some time following people.

This is basic, and sometimes Mondays or Fridays have timetabled things but rarely. I felt like that too.

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In years one and two students are taught on Highfield campus and Southampton General Hospital. You will have the opportunity to undertake placements in a range of healthcare environments throughout the year to help you develop appropriate professionalism.

Things are changing at Southampton! Why on earth are you applying to the BM6 you could easily get into 5 year courses with your results.

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Nothing I can do about it now though. You will need to purchase a fob watch with a second hand that you can pin to your clothing or put in your pocket, as you are not permitted to perdonal wrist watches in clinical areas. I think thats what makes me stand out from other applicants. What happens after interviews?