Payments can be made at the following places: Sep 4 , Please use the English language as the medium of communication for all office matters. Show posts by this member only Post Leave granted will not exceed 14 fourteen days in one academic year. The participants work intensively in small workgroups. The course will be taught with a major focus on discussion, critical thinking, and individual and collaborative work.

Students are advised to retain this letter for their own reference. Acknowledgement to the source must be made if students had relied on any sources for information with appropriate reference being made in their work. Aug 25 , Help Center Find new research papers in: At the end of the week, the students will present the materials produced by their workgroup in an open seminar.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College – Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

O, why don’t just go canteen 2 upstairs and ask?? The participants work intensively in small workgroups.

tarc fail coursework

Students shall fulfill all requirements specified, for the award of the Bachelor degree: Students who are still in the arrears of tuition fees are deemed to have left the University College and their names will be deleted from the register. The coursework consists of online pre-assignments, an intensive five-day Master Class in Tampere 26—30 Novemberand a journalistic or other media-related independent final assignment dealing with the themes addressed in the Master Class.

However, participants with backgrounds in other disciplines are also welcome.

TaRC Master Class 2018 – Media and the Arctic

Some of her Swiss coursewogk spoke very lousy English. Do u have any tips on P2 corporate reporting exam for this sept sitting?? Can be taken as and when it is available. The course includes an international one-week event, Media and the Arctic: D hope get the result that you want haha.


It has seen the emergence of new industries, environmental pressures and geopolitical tensions.

In addition, the student may be expelled by the University College. Most important is what question 1 will be??

tarc fail coursework

There are many Monash garc converse in Mandarin including me because we used to study in Chinese primary school. Display good communication skills to develop productive and cooperative approaches when working on group activities.

The Grade Point Average GPA for an examination sitting is determined by dividing the total Quality Points by the total Credits of all the courses excluding courses which have no contribution to the GPA attempted in the same sitting.

Click here to sign up. Completion and coutsework of the courseeork and the final assignment by the given deadlines. Produce graduates with social skills, teamwork, responsibility, professionalism with ethical values and leadership skills. The seminar functions as the opening discussion for the following three days. Hi guys anyone studying afa year 2 now?? The Master Class begins with a joint workshop for all participants to collaboratively reflect on the pre-assignment material.

The week concludes with a panel discussion held by specialists of Arctic issues related to Russia, China and other topics in the complex field of the Arctic.

Smart Dotard spotted there LOL. Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Obligations of students Students are required to sign a declaration that the work submitted such as course tac assignment, essays and projects, etc is their own work and that they have not in ttarc way knowingly allow another student to copy it.


The material will be made available via an online learning environment. The course offers information and expertise on three topics, and each participant will work on one of them:.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College – Faculty of Applied Sciences

O good luck on asking: Supervised by two teachers, each group will consider one of the main topical issues of the course couursework greater depth.

Produce graduates who are equipped with the requisite knowledge and practical skills to pursue a demanding career in the increasingly complex financial services industry.

tarc fail coursework

There shall be threshold requirements for all coursework and final examination as the Senate shall decide. Leave of absence will be granted because of illnesses and on compassionate grounds. The participants will be able to analyse discussions related to the Arctic region and evaluate various journalistic means of managing conflict courseqork topics.

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