Since February , it has been held to help Baguio forget the earthquake that distressed much of the city. Could the same frost that damaged crops affected the blooming of flowers as well? Juan Luna and Lake Drive. Flower Festival is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio. I am not into artistas, actually. Exhibitors and Sponsors Day Date: Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds.

Pinay Travel Junkie Confession: Instead of a complete painting, the eminent board of judges led by well-known artist BenCab chose a spray of sunflowers on the corner of the entry submitted by Trisha Tabangin, a student of the Baguio City National High School. This page was viewed times. We were able to get a cab after 5 minutes of walking along Tam-Awan Route from the house. If you prefer to fly to the City of Pines, some airlines maintain a daily schedule of flights from Manila to Baguio and back, like Asian Spirit. To this music was added the rhythm and movements of the Bendian dance, an Ibaloi dance of celebration. The driver dropped us off Burnham Park upon our request.

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Retrieved from ” https: Drum and Lyre festibal gave life to the parade which by panaybenga way reached our area at 8. Tucked deep in the thick woods of It was also decided that the Festival be held every February. The fragrant smells that could be presently teasing olfactory senses are probably less from the now-dried flowers from Valentine’s Day than air floating all the way from Baguio City.


Your enquiry has been sent successfully. The Bendian dance’s circular movements speak of unity and harmony among members of the tribe – themes that foretell the coming together of the various sectors of the community to bring the Baguio Flower Festival to life. Index Hotels in Philippines.

We checked in at The Manor in Camp John Haywhere the concierge advised that in order to secure a good vantage point at the Grand Street Parade, we should be at Session Road an hour before the event starts. Our ears led us to Rose Garden where inebriated locals were dancing to the beat of native drums.

Panagbenga festival will have spectators enjoying a multiple floral and float parades over two days. They all ended their 2-hour journey at the Athletic Bowl, where tourists can have their pictures taken beside the parked floats.

The fesstival wraps a single similar blanket around her. Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds.

What to Expect in the Panagbenga Festival 2018

What would a festival be without dynamic panafbenga performances? The routes will mainly be covering the Session Road and Harrison Road. And if you got enough flowers to cover 21?

panagbenga festival essay

Kakatuwa, it gave Panagbenga a fun and pop twist. Juan Luna and Lake Drive. The official list of activities for the Panagbenga Festival includes three major parades happening on the streets of Baguio. Icing on the cake.

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Just so you folks know, I have never featured a festival here except Oktoberfest which is an entirely different thing! To make their floats stand out, some hired celebrities or invited well-known mascots to wave at the crowd. The local government and the residents of Baguio City really made sure that the long trip to their home in panabenga mountains was well worth it. City-wide Elementary and High School.


The Panagbenga Festival showcases the many floral floats and native dances. Children of all ages show the crowd that they have an appreciation for Baguio’s heritage by performing traditional dances. This page was viewed times.

panagbenga festival essay

Festival of Flowers and Schools of Thought”. Session Road in Bloom Date: Baguio Blooms Exposition and Exhibition Date: The dance must continue until the viewers decide to honor the dancers twice with a shout of “Ooo wag, hoy! It is the Philippines’ version of the Pasadena Rose Parade, where motorized “floats” or carriages are decorated with fresh flowers.

It is an honor to be invited to join the dance, and elders and other respected members of the community are expected to join in at every occasion. Spectators made themselves comfortable, sitting on walls and on the festibal just to get a good view of the parade.