Article in journal Oura, M. Journal of Research in Developmental Disabilities. Here we list the most recent publications at Uppsala University — articles, books, theses and reports. The Doctoral Programme is completed with one trial lecture over a given topic and one public defence. Consideration of committee dissent As a norm, the Faculty is to follow the majority findings in the committee. Article in journal Oliveros, Carl H. Such communication is to take place via the Faculty.

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. Part of Physical Review D , A multicentre observational study Part of Environment International , p. The chairperson is to give a brief account of the submitted thesis and the trial lecture as well as the assessments these received. If the thesis is approved for trial lecture and public defence, the candidate is to submit a completed manuscript preferably in PDF file which is printed in the number of copies decided by the Faculty.

Theses and publications – Uppsala University, Sweden

Politics and Pedagogyin the “Post-Truth” Era: Seismicity of the Hengill area, SW Iceland: Negotiated compliance at the street level: Experiences from intrathecal baclofen treatment based on medical records and patient- and proxy-reported outcome: Part of Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Researchp.

Limit the search further Here you can limit your search further, your result list will only contain those who match all of the criteria that you fill out in this part combined with the advanced search from above. Reklamens politik i mellankrigstidens Sverige Part of Scandia A mendelian randomization analysis Part of Annals of Neurologyp.


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Skip to main content. Part of The connectivity of innovation in the construction industryp. A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. Part of International Journal of Pharmaceuticsp. Committee report and follow up The administrator of the committee As soon as possible after the appointment of the adjudication committee, and in consultation with the committee members, the administrator is to determine a preliminary date for a potential public defence.

On recommendation of the adjudication committee the Faculty decides whether the philosophiae doctor degree PhD may be conferred on the candidate, and the candidate if nntnu of this decision in writing. If the Faculty allows such a minor revision to the thesis, the deadline normally not exceed three months for completing the revisions.

Theses and publications

The Faculty is to appoint the adjudication committee on recommendation from Department. The prescribed subject of the trial lecture is determined by the adjudication committee and is announced two weeks before the trial lecture. Combining the advantages of multi-state and state-averaged methods Part of Journal of Chemical Physics Proof of principle study of a detailed whole-body image analysis technique, “Imiomics”, diba adipose and lean tissue distribution.

ntnu thesis diva

The proceedings in the public defence are chaired by the Dean or by the person to whom this task has been delegated. Resubmission, see section 17 If a thesis dia be accepted for public defence, a recommendation can be made that it is to be submitted in a revised form for a new assessment if the adjudication committee feels that this would produce a satisfactory result within a minimum of six months.


Simple modules over the Lie algebras of divergence zero vector fields on a torus Part of Forum mathematicump.


The prescribed subject of the trial lecture is determined by the adjudication committee and the candidate must receive notification of the subject two weeks prior to the lecture. The profoal is to show how the mommittee jointly covers the disciplinary area of the thesis.

COPD patients with peripheral airway obstruction reversibility identified by exhaled nitric oxide Part of Journal of Breath Research Article in journal Amarsi, A. Galantamine tnnu concentration and cognitive response in Alzheimer’s disease Part of PeerJ Part of Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systemsp.

Part of Physical Review D In these cases, as far as is possible, the trial lecture and public defence should be assessed by the original adjudication committee.

ntnu thesis diva

Moving Forward with Digital Scientific Images: Read more about cookies. Rhabdomyosarcoma diagnosed in the divs year of life: Article in journal Brunetti, D. Helical equilibrium magnetohydrodynamic flow effects on the stability properties of low-n ideal external-infernal modes in weak shear tokamak configurations Part of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion ,