This includes some of the original inhabitants of the area who are now unable to afford to live there. We were told that there would be new homes and jobs, but not for us. Solving the problems – Urban Renewal The London Dockl ands Development Corporation During the 19th century, London’s port was one of the busiest in the world, but by the end of the s it was in signficant decline with many of the docks derelict and abandoned. This is an example of gentrification. Negative effects on the local people:

They do not have the skills needed for jobs in these industries. Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. Anonymous 23 October at Less than 1, new council homes have been built – but there are over 25, new private flats and houses. Related Topics Use the images below to explore related GeoTopics.

Case Study: London Docklands

Birmingham is a good example of this new type of urban renewal. Reclaiming vcse land is: The aim of these UDCs was to regenerate inner city areas with large amounts of derelict and unuse land by taking over planning responsibility from local councils.


Why might people living in Birmingham be more pleased with the changes there? A lot of new housing far too expensive for locals. Leisure A large shopping area was constructed close to Canary Warf. Case Study – Regeneration of the Lon This makes travel into the City of London very easy. What improvements were made after ?

Unemployment soared, the back to back terraced housing fell into disrepair and there was a lack of transport and leisure facilities.

Make sure you are prepared for vocabulary linked to cities and urban renewal such as: When answering questions like these, read the article very carefully, perhaps 2 or 3 times before you begin writing. Anonymous 19 November at Low-cost housing has also been built along with the renovation studdy older council-owned properties.

Anonymous 22 May at Typhoon Haiyan Case Study.

A number of parks have been created gcs buildings once stood. Case StudiesLondon Docklands. Negative effects on the local people: London DocklandsUrban redevelopmenturban regeneration.

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Evaluation of the London Docklands development corporation (LDDC)

City councils often bid for money from the UK government or the European Union. Anonymous 7 December at Many new firms and financial institutions e.


lddc case study gcse

This was so helpful! Anonymous 10 January at Prices in area generally increased e.

Example Data Response Question 30 years ago the words urban redevelopment usually meant bulldozing large areas of run-down inner city areas to build new industrial and residential areas. Anonymous 3 March at Anonymous 21 January at Really Appreciate your effort as a teacher! The local authorities were also faced with the problem of what to do with 5, acres of derelict riverside land.

Housing Many of the former warehouses have been transformed into luxury flats.

The Regeneration of the London Docklands – GCSE Geography – Marked by

Between many changes occurred within London Docklands. Pin It on Pinterest. Today money is more likely to be spent in improving and modernising buildings in cities.

lddc case study gcse