Hence, this step can be deemed most welcoming. Useful Resources Mocktest Take Test. Topic 3 Express your views over ‘Alcohol and Youth’. For B-school panellists, essays are tools to see how you structure your thoughts and produce them in the least amount of time. Hype of FDI’ Essay 4 There are always many facts of any realistic situation, especially in the country where democracy is deemed above anything else, and where the right to freedom of speech and expression is used or misused, over and over again. Candidates should read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis so that they stay updated about the current affairs and the economy of the country. There is another “side” to the issue of outsourcing that needs to be addressed.

Write a winning cover letter. D in Computer Applications Other. It is important to structure an essay in different sections so that it is easy for the readers to read and follow the author’s thoughts clearly. I am a compilation of many years of experiences gained from overcoming the relentless struggles of life. How many mentors can I get? Poverty does not benefit the US economy since it reduces consumer spending and tax revenues.

Is animal testing necessary? Do Use Active Voice Verbs. Our country, India, is facing an acute problem of increasing population. It also increases a country’s ability to pay back debts to the US, and may promote better political relationships.

My IIFT GD-WAT-PI Experience

It also resulted to alcoholic dementia, a specific condition of the brain, in which individuals develop difficulty swallowing, suffer impaired problem-solving skills and have difficulty in manipulating subjects. FAQs — Mentors How does this work? Not sure of what to do next, I frantically called up the coaching institute which I had joined for the exam preparation and was called up for the mock GD the very next day!


Broadly, there are two different views with regard to the decision tipps the Indian government to allow F. Try to avoid the following common mistakes:. An essay is a short piece of writing on a topic and generally presents the author’s point of view on the matter.

iift essay writing tips

Questions regarding Academics focus on an individual’s academic and extracurricular performance. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

iift essay writing tips

The best way to grip your reader is to begin the essay with a captivating snapshot. The paragraphs should be well connected with each other. It could be anything like international relations, important historical events, great personalities, etc. Sc Hotel Management M.

On the other hand, it gives the chance to the panellists to evaluate the personality of the candidate. According to the ‘Malthusian Theory’, population increases in geometrical progression, i. In many topics, you will be required to take a side on a specific issue in order to construct a persuasive essay or an argument so, you will need to know how to take a strong stance on a subject at some point.

Will you help me choose a mentor? In high dosage, alcohol acts as an anesthetic. For developing a habit of essay writing, you need to practice it on day to day basis. Get specific tips on improvements and selections.


iift essay writing tips

Practice can make anything perfect. I am very busy. Resume vs Curriculum Vitae CV: A good vocabulary will fetch you extra points. The performance of candidates in the essay writing round is extremely important for their selection in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Define key milestones and targets. Start writing the introduction Write the main points. First up was the written ability test WAT where we had to write a short essay on the given topic. The average duration of the GD is 15 minutes and the group usually has 12 participants.

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D in Management M. Thus, the problem of population is not only about more and more people living in iifft country but this problem could be much more trivial like it could create food shortage, mal nutrition, poverty, high death rate, unemployment and much more. You sign up on our website — we understand your profiles and requirements.